Lotus Flower Cupcakes

14 Nov

Have you ever tried a Lotust Flower Cupcake or know how to make one? Well it’s pretty simple.  These pretty cupcakes were made for a fundraiser which we collected about $300 in 4 hours! We sold a lot of baked goods (5 products which were baked in 4 hours) so I was really tired at the end of the night!

Fortunately, these cupcakes were one of the most popular goods sold and everyone loved it!  Be creative with these flowers in terms of color and arrangement! I recommend substituting vegetable oil/any oil with apple sauce in your cake mix for a healthier alternative. 


  • Box of Cake Mix
  • Mini or regular sized marshamallows
  • Sugar Sprinkles (any color)
  • Frosting (any kind)


  1. Follow directions on cake mix and replace oil with apple sauce (same amount as the box amount)
  2. Once cupcakes are baked, let them cool for 15-20 minutes
  3. Frost the cupcakes with any kind of flavor
  4. Marshmallow petals- Use a scissor and cut the marshmallows diagonally
  5. Since marshmallows are already sticky, add sugar sprinkles on top of “petal”
  6. Stick “petal” onto frosted cupcake and repeat as many times as you want

Enjoy, Serve, and Admire!



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