10 Gluten-Free Recipes to Bake- Summer Edition

19 May

Who else is excited for summer? I’m really over this wind chill, temperatures dropping to 30 degrees at night, and random snow storms on the East Coast! It’s time to get prepared and ready for some summer fun especially baking! I noticed I should step out of my comfort zone of making cookies. Don’t get me wrong that cookies are awesome to bake, but I need to expand my baking recipe inventory and techniques. It’s time to brush up on my blogging and baking skills this summer!

I’m still excited to learn more and take my gluten free baking to the next level! I’ll welcome anyone’s feedback, recommendations, and questions about gluten-free baking and the recipes. Gluten-free baking has really expanded my knowledge about the different flours, starches, and techniques used while challenging me to be a better baker.

I created a summer list called “10 Gluten-Free To Bake Recipes.” I plan to bake these and you should try too! I won’t bake these in the order below and I might change/add more recipes for the summer! Stay tuned for some delicious baking!

1. Gluten Free Cupcakes

2. Coconut Macaroons (not the French macaron cookies)

3. Gluten Free Blondies

4. Gluten Free Brownie Cookies or Brookies

5. Cranberry, Blueberry or Strawberry Muffin

6.  Fudgy Chocolate Layered Cake

7. Coconut Banana Muffin

8. Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake

9. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cookies/Muffin

10. Macarons (This one will be DIFFICULT!)

Feel free to suggest any other favorite recipes I should bake.



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