About Bakers Block

self portrait

Hi everyone!

I’m Jennifer. This may sound weird but as a kid, I never liked sweets and candy. I avoided eating lollipops, very sweet desserts- chocolate cake, frosting, and etc. I was a very picky eater back then.

My first baking attempt was with a Betty Crocker brownie mix without a proper mixing bowl and electric mixer (all hand-mixed). During my high school years, I was inspired by my best friend to try out baking. We shared recipes, had baking parties, and failed many times together. Through those years, I saw baking as a fun challenge and really enjoyable to share and eat (my taste buds finally came to their senses-pun intended!) I really enjoy a good challenge!

Bakers Block is my development from an amateur baker, making delicious gluten free treats, and enjoying the sweetest life. I bake to give thanks. I bake to receive smiles and joy. I bake to get rid of stress from studying and life itself. I bake to teach others that baking can be healthy and delicious, all in one!

I am currently baking more gluten free and using organic/natural ingredients. It’s been a challenging baking process baking, but I love the endless possibilities and learning experiences to the art of baking. Also, I am experimenting with video editing and using my first DSLR camera-Nikon D3200. Disclaimer: I am no longer eating a complete gluten-free diet nor am I allergic to gluten. 

I am currently attending Rutgers University-Go Scarlet Knights!  School is one of my top priorities so don’t be discouraged if I don’t blog about baking.

My favorite things to bake are cookies especially Snickerdoodles because it’s a versatile cookie that can be altered in any shape, flavor, and form! When I’m not baking, I’m busy updating my Twitter/Instagram, photographing food, eating out, or practicing yoga/Pilates.

If you plan to post my recipe, word for word and/or photos in some way, please ask for my permission before you do it! Email me at bakersblockblog@gmail(dot)com Also, please provide a direct link back to Bakers Block. 

Happy Baking!



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