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12 Best Summer Ice Creams

23 Jun

What’s creamy, cold, sweet, and easily melts when you lick it? Of course, Ice Cream! I have the perfect list of the sweetest and unique ice cream flavors that I would love for you to check out and try. I love both vanilla and chocolate kinds, fruit flavors such as strawberry, mango, blueberries, nutty flavors such as pistachio, almond, and peanut. The best ice creams I’ve had are always homemade fresh!  Don’t you agree? Slowly churned, easily scooped, and melted sweetness into your mouth.

My first attempt to make homemade ice cream was from Howcast on YouTube. I remember this method gave my arms a nice work-out! In order to form the ice cream, you mixed the ingredients into a small Ziploc bag and I filled a gallon sized Ziploc with ice and salt. The small Ziploc bag is inside the gallon sized bag and I had to shake the bags for 10 whole minutes! The coldness from the bags went through my winter gloves so I took many breaks or had my siblings shake the bags too. The result was the ice cream tasted sweet, but it lacked the creaminess and intense sweet flavor. Sprinkles, syrup and whatever other toppings could not save this homemade version.

This summer, I’m ready to make and eat the most delicious homemade ice cream out there. Most of my favorite bloggers and food websites are posting their ice cream recipes from Mango-Green tea pops, Strawberry Cacao Nibs, and Vegan Chai!

The following recipes and flavors are both my favorites and am excited to make/try this summer.
Fun Fact: July is National Ice Cream month so get stocked up on some of these creamy flavors!ice cream bowl 2

Regular Favorites

1.  Classic Cocoa (Dark or Milk Chocolate)
2. Chai Creamsicles
3. Chocolate Fudge Brownies
4. Good ol’ Peanut Butter 

Fruity Flavors
5.  1 Ingredient Banana
6.  Blueberry with Crumble Ice Cream
7. Coconut and Roasted Cherries
8. Mango Ice Cream

Uniquely Sweet Combos (Vegan)
9. Avocado Coconut
10. Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream
11. Lavendar Coconut
12. Mango Green Tea Pops