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“Tasteful” Life of College Reflection

16 Oct

At last the time has finally come as a college student…Exams, sleep deprivation, and late-night treats!  This is part of a typical lifestyle of college students.  I’ve really been missing out on my baking sessions where I can experiment with my gluten free products. Baking is “ME” time to de-stress and indulge in happiness! Alas, school has taken over this realm for now.

As a junior in college, I’ve been reflecting and contemplating on my future career path, aspirations and dreams. I’ve realized that my studies are equally important as the experiences I cultivate outside of class. The people I work with, meet and talk to will impact my life whether it’s positive or negative.  These experiences are important to who I am.  I’ve learned so much yet still feel like a clueless and unsure first year student. I know what I value- integrity, compassion, and open-mindedness. However, my experiences don’t seem enough sometimes and always ask myself “What is the meaning or purpose of what I’m doing?”

Recently, I went to a volunteer event for my student organization and assisted a food pantry in a church. The place was old-looking, small, and dusty. One of the church volunteers told us to sweep, dust, mop all of the rooms and clean up the vegetable garden.  It seemed tedious and insignificant at first! On the other hand, our work impressed the church volunteer, and she was happy to have us make the food pantry look cleaner. Small tasks like these do build up and make a difference in someone’s world. I believe small acts of kindness can be the highlight of someone’s day!  It’s times like these that make me realize the meaning and purpose of what I’m doing.

College students get caught up in their studies and forget to indulge in these small instances and experiences. I hope to have these sparks of purpose and meaning throughout the years to come!  So if you are looking for meaning and purpose, reflect and think about who/what you are care about. Be aware of your feelings and what you value.  Go and do it- Text/tweet/facebook message former floormates or friends, eat that favorite dessert (Snickerdoodle cookies here I come!!), volunteer at an animal shelter/ soup kitchen/ library!

Here’s a taste of my recent baking experiences like this one: Cookie Blob! My gluten free baking skills are WIP aka Work in Progress…

cookie blob